Benefits & Services

People who work for the various Embassies and international organizations located in The Netherlands benefit from very competitive rates on all the new Jaguar models at Jager Auto Den Haag. Apart from the regular deduction of BTW-tax and BPM-tax are we able to offer a reduction of 15% on the net catalogue price of a Jaguar.

Owning a Jaguar is an experience dedicated to driving and enjoying your Jaguar. Jager Auto Den Haag offers high quality service to ensure you of a most pleasant experience owning or purchasing a Jaguar. Highly skilled and trained employees will make sure your Jaguar fulfils your expectations of reliability, power and agility.

Official Jaguar Dealer Jager Auto Den Haag provides our specific group of international customers the following benefits:

  • Over more than 100 years of experience
  • 3 years of warranty without distance limitation
  • Competitive reductions on net catalogue prices
  • BTW and BPM tax free purchasing
  • Excellent service with pick-up and return service
  • Highly skilled employees to ensure the highest quality.

Jaguar dealer Jager Auto Den Haag would like to invite you to our showroom to advice you and to answer all your questions considering diplomatic sales. Please feel welcome to contact us or visit us if you are in doubt whether you are eligible for our diplomatic sales service.