F-type content

A challenging design

The Jaguar F-Type’s body has sensuous lines and a muscular body. The F-Type might be the youngest Jaguar sports car but it surely fits in the renowned Jaguar genealogies. The perfectly composed proportions make for a pleasurable driving experience and light cornering. The rigid body enhances the agility of the car. The aerodynamic features of the F-Type’s body that compromise the lift generated at high speeds to ensure stability at all speeds. A splitter in the front bumper manages the airflow under the car where it disappears in the rear diffusor.

We like to welcome you in one of our Jager Auto showrooms to admire the powerful design of the Jaguar F-Type yourself.

The outstanding performances of the Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type is fitted with powerful engines with power outputs varying between 340 PS to 550 PS.  The 8-speed ‘Quickshift’ automatic gearbox keeps the engine in the most efficient rev range to ensure maximum response to the driver’s requests. The transmission adapts to the driver’s acts and conditions. With these technologies the F-type uses the right gear in every situation. New for the Jaguar F-type is the 6-speed gearbox and the All-Wheel Drive system.
With the new All-Wheel drive system there is always an ensuring amount of grip. Well developed technology distributes the optimal power to the front and rear axle. All this together makes for a pleasant driving experience. Interested in trying the pleasant and challenging driving experience of the F-Type yourself?

A sporty interior

Jaguar offers the possibility to personalize the F-type’s interior to all your preferences. You can choose from a wide variety of authentic leathers, colour combinations and materials. Once you get in the driver’s seat you will immediately notice the low position of seating. This ensures a seating position close to the centre of gravity. You will feel like you and the road are one. The interior is designed to optimize the view and to distract as little as possible. The instrument panel is designed in the way a sports car befits, a glance at the easy readable speedometer and tachometer provides you with all the information you want to know. 2 shift paddles positioned in an easy accessible place, behind the 3-spoke wheel, make sure you are able to shift the automatic gearbox whenever you please. Without having to lift your hands from the steering wheel at all. Jager Auto willingly answers all your questions about the Jaguar F-Type.

Jaguar F-Type models

The 2015 model Jaguar F-Type is offered as convertible or coupé. Both are offered as ‘F-Type’, ‘F-type S’ and ‘F-Type R’, where the ‘F-Type S‘ and ‘F-Type R’ are offered as RWD or AWD. Depending on the model chosen, the F-Type is fitted with one of the two V6 engines or a V8 engine. The rear-wheel drive V6 engines are offered with the optional 6-speed manual gearbox. The V6 vary in power output between 340 PS for the ‘F-Type’ and 380 PS for the ‘F-Type S’. The V8 engine fitted in the ‘F-Type R’ delivers 550 PS.