XF content

The powerful Jaguar nature.

The Jaguar breathes power. Due to its aerodynamic frontend with integrated ‘power vents’ in the front bumper (only in the XFR and XFR-S). The front of the car makes for a contemporary appearance. New technologies as LED-lights, adaptive headlamps and blind spot monitoring are used to keep up with the contemporary appearance. We would like to welcome you to one of our Jager Auto showroom to admire the beautiful Jaguar XF yourself.

Safety in the Jaguar XF

The, by craftsmanship developed, body of the Jaguar XF contributes to the safety of you and your passengers. Several airbags contribute to the safety of you and your passengers as well. Dual front airbags, dual side airbags and curtain-airbags above the side windows minimize the chances of harm. Active headrests protect the driver and passenger from a whiplash in case of an accident. Jager Auto is eager to tell you more about the innovative safety technologies in the Jaguar XF.

Driving dynamics

The refined techniques in the Jaguar XF combine an incredible power-output along with fuel-efficiency. Discover the way the Jaguar XF adapts itself to your way of driving. The automatic 8-speed gearbox considers fuel efficiency whilst constantly adapting to your driving style . Conveniently placed shift paddles behind the steering wheel makes it possible to shift through the gears whenever you please. Would you like to experience what it’s like to drive the XF?

Business class

If you drive a Jaguar XF as a company car you may expect only the best in terms of service. Jager Auto has a team of well skilled experts who can advise you and provide you with the best solutions for all your issues regarding mobility. Jager Auto willingly answers all your questions about driving a Jaguar as a company car.