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Excellent craftsmanship

The Jaguar XE is instantly recognizable. Its aerodynamically composed exterior and characteristic rising waistline contribute to the car’s dynamism. Also, the vigorous look in the headlights makes the car a true sensation. Like all Jaguar cars is the XE ready for whatever the next adventure on the road may bring. Determined to achieve the most out of things. This is the Jaguar XE.

Jaguar XE inspires

The moment you step into the neatly designed interior and you take a hold of the firm steering wheel – which is inspired by the F-TYPE – you simply can’t wait to take the car for a spin. Its superiorly crafted chairs enhance the feeling that you’re in a sports saloon car. XE’s well-designed ergonomic dashboard simplifies common actions. For example, you can store your sunglasses in the overhead console. The Jaguar XE enables you to create your own unique cabin. There is a wide supply of high quality leather in multiple colors and one of a kind veneers to choose from. The veneers and finishers create a classical ambiance inside with a sportive touch. However, this is just one of the many possibilities. Eager to know more? We will happily assist you further at Jager Auto.

Undeniable sophisticated: Jaguar XE

Jaguar is the world’s leader concerning Advanced Aluminum Architecture. XE’s purpose is to withstand during its outstanding sports performance with persistently altering conditions. Adaptive Dynamics determines how to respond to different conditions while analyzing your driving style. Acceleration, throttle and braking will be monitored in order to deliver the most out of the situation. Furthermore, a new braking system is designed for high performance and to reduce weight. Cool air is being channeled through the Air deflectors – which are fitted to the front suspension – to reduce the risk of fading. Also, the pads reduce dust which will lead to more stability, longer disc life and low maintenance.