Jaguar's beastly performance

The Jaguar F-PACE is powerful, very powerful. It’s the ultimate car; capable and competent. The most sophisticated technologies and outstanding performances takes this car to a higher level. The design of the F-PACE is based on a concept car called C-X17, which won an award in 2014 for having the best Concept Vehicle Design. Obviously, the new Jaguar F-PACE also has his authentic roar. Who would want a Jaguar that doesn’t roar? Right, nobody does. Would you like to receive more information about this car? Feel free to contact us.

More information about the F-Pace 

The best crossover in the world

Its design is inspired by the Jaguar F-TYPE. However, the F-PACE has one thing that sets him apart from his predecessors, namely the usage of a technique called Advanced Aluminum Architecture. It makes the car unique and extremely light. Even though this is the first crossover Jaguar has ever made, it already is among the world leading crossovers. Also, the innovative All-Wheel Drive (AWD) makes sure that the car has traction at any given time, even during emergencies. The Jaguar F-PACE comes with an entire new line of engines, containing very efficient as well as incredibly powerful gasoline and diesel engines.

Jaguar F-Pace accessories by Jager Auto


SUV with cat like reflexes

A perfect combination of phenomenal power and efficiency, the Jaguar F-PACE has it all. It’s relatively big compared to other Jaguars, however it is just as quick on its feet, since it has real sports car blood running through its veins. Experience how the car adapts itself to your driving style. The automatic transmission will make sure that you drive as efficient as possible, but you can also put the car in sports mode. While the car is in sports mode you can shift gears with the paddles behind the wheel. Giving the driver that real sports car feeling.

Spacious and practical design

Everything in the new Jaguar F-PACE is well-placed and provides the driver and passengers with more comfort. For example, state-of-the-art technologies such as the optional Head-Up Display and Activity Key, as well as innovative driving aids make every trip more enjoyable. The InControl multimedia system keeps you and your passengers entertained and connected to the outside world.

F-Pace engine overview

Jaguar engines 

Diesel engines
F-Pace 2.0D Turbodiesel 180 pk RWD (manual)
F-Pace 2.0D Turbodiesel 180 pk AWD (manual)
F-Pace 2.0D Turbodiesel 180 pk AWD (automatic transmission)
F-Pace 3.0D Turbodiesel 300 pk AWD (automatic transmission)
Gasoline (automatic transmission) : 
F-Pace 3.0 SC gasoline 340 pk AWD
F-Pace 3.0 SC gasoline 380 pk AWD