Jaguar F-Pace


Its design is inspired by the Jaguar F-TYPE. However, the F-PACE has one thing that sets him apart from his predecessors. Namely, the usage of a technique called Advanced Aluminum Architecture. It makes the car unique and extremely light.


Jaguar XE


The most advanced Jaguar sports saloon ever. The Jaguar XE sets the standard for its competitors. Using innovative features and state-of-the-art technologies the XE is the first of the new generation of Jaguar cars.


Jaguar XF


Agile, elegant and practical. The Jaguar XF comes in many forms. Whether you choose for the classic saloon model or for the spacious sport brake model, the XF will always provide you with optimal performances along with great fuel efficiency.


Jaguar XJ


Defining what a luxury car should be like. The XJ combines all the key elements that make a Jaguar. Powerful engines, elegant design, great driving experience and a luxurious cabin for passengers to relax in while enjoying the finest materials.


Jaguar F-Type


The Jaguar F-Type is the most agile Jaguar yet. Whether you choose the coupé or the convertible model, you will always be assured of great driving pleasure. The lightweight body and chassis are filled with powerful, roaring engines to make every drive the most enjoyable ever.


Diplomatic benefits


We have a lot of experience in selling cars to the specific group of people working for Embassies and international organizations located in the Netherlands. Jager Auto diplomatic sales come with many benefits, low pricing, great service, tax-free purchasing and many more.

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